Cosmic Crew is free on the play store now! Click the link above!

There’s so much excitement here at Hooligan Labs! I could talk about the months of effort from when we first imagined Cosmic Crew, but there is more to the story than that. The game (screenshots below) is the sum of years!


Hooligan Labs was invented as a way of expressing our more ridiculous ideas that my wife and I had. It was first seen online as Kerbal Space Program videos on YouTube. When I realized I was a better coder than pilot I started making mods for KSP and sharing videos of that. Eventually, though, I wanted to make a game of my own.

Enter the game “Interstellar”, envisioned long before a movie with that title was announced.


It was based on the concept of a generation ship that would take hundreds or thousands of years to reach a new world. Generations of human colonists would live and die on this ship without ever seeing where they came from or where they were going.

The good news was that the math worked! But everyone who tried it said it wasn’t a game…

Thus it was reborn as “Interplanetary”, focusing on a shorter time span with a much smaller crew. Rather that trying to make my first simulation game be totally radically new we decided to do like Blizzard and put “Gameplay First”. Eventually we renamed the game to “Cosmic Crew”…

And I think that experiment worked! Scroll back up to the top of the post for a link to game. Try it! And if you want to tell me your thoughts feel free to send me a tweet!