Catastrophe Cat Game Photo Arcade is here to entice your cat with five interactive cat games! This app is great for grumpy old cats and super playful kittens alike. Each game has its own special animations, colors and gameplay tuned capture a cat’s interest. Your cat can earn high scores in Milk Ring Hockey, Lazer Tag, Spider Squasher, Ribbon Catch and Butterfly Hustle. Download now for free!


If you have a cat like mine it may bother you every morning at breakfast, asking for you to give it the plastic ring from your milk jug so it can bat it all over the house. Milk Ring Hockey gives your cat that experience without the annoyance of having the cat later drop the milk ring on your face while you sleep! The virtual milk ring is animated with physics so it will bounce every time it is touched and ricochet off the floor or walls. It shoots out little snow flakes and rattles like a toy. If left alone it will bounce itself to get the cat’s attention. If it lands in a hockey goal your cat scores points!

Lazer Tag is for those with really fast, cat-like reflexes. The bright red lazer (also known as a laser) zips around the screen, sometimes pausing to wiggle enticingly. It beeps to taunt your cat. If tagged, the dot will make a zap sound. It’s fun and challenging!

Spider Squasher covers your screen in skittering spiders. They run away every time your cat taps the screen to add to the challenge. If your cat squashes a bug it crunches in a satisfying way. If your cat gets them all then it will receive a time bonus!

Ribbon Catcher is a favorite among cats who love chasing strings. The ribbon blows in the wind among the clouds. Each time the cat touches the ribbon it gets a little shorter. A little note from a flute plays, do dee do! Sounds of the outdoors and birds tweeting will capture your cat’s attention.

Butterfly Hustle has beautiful cherry blossoms that rustle in the breeze. Your cat will instinctively want to catch the butterflies that rest on them. When tapped the butterfly will briefly fly away from the flower. If your cat has more than one butterfly in the air it will receive a combo bonus!

This app is also like a photo booth for cats! You can share pictures of your cat at play. When the camera is turned on, every time your cat hits the target (milk ring, lazer dot, spider or ribbon) it will take a picture. These pictures are kept for the end where you will be able to view them all. You can then chose to save any picture and share the particularly funny or cute ones to your social network, whether that be Twitter, Instagram or whatever.

If you share to @CatArcade then we will reshare your cat’s picture and put it on our website! See what we are talking about at


– Enable sound to fully engage your cat!
– Every cat has a different temperament. If your cat likes to just sit and watch the cat games then there’s nothing wrong with that!
– You can add to your cat’s experience with things like boxes to ambush from or catnip to roll in!
– If the screen is multi-touch capable then it is fine if the cat sits on it. It is a cat’s natural way of taking possession of something the cat likes. These are games made for cats and their tendencies.
– The touch screen responds best to paw pads. Trim away any excess hair or claws first.
– A screen protector is recommended for when cats play rough!
– Share your scores online! With the front camera enabled the games will take pictures you can share too. It is fun to see how each cat and kitten plays!
– Are you faster than a cat? You can challenge yourself and your friends with these cat games too!

Please rate and leave a comment! If you find any bugs (besides spiders) write a comment so we can fix it.

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