BE THE CAPTAIN of a speed-of-light spacecraft! There is an alien but familiar solar system waiting to be explored.

LEAD BRAVE ASTRONAUTS in this challenging and relaxing strategy simulation game that is inspired by real space programs and near-future science fiction.

EQUIP YOUR SHIP to do new astronomy, chemistry and communications missions daily. Use the mission rewards to get add decks to your ships and expand your capabilities.

ENJOY 3D GRAPHICS AND NEW MUSIC at every planet and while warping across the cosmos!

BASED ON REAL LIFE IN SPACE! As captain, you will choose between missions provided by Mission Control.

WARP PODS can be earned through special missions! They are an experimental technology that instantaneously teleports random resources to your ship. Warp Pods may also be purchased through an in-game Shop.

Being an astronaut is exhausting work. You must manage your crew’s energy level by having them rest. Your leadership will be tested as you balance between the needs of your crew while maintaining sufficient life support and power. If you fail then the exhausted crew members may be permanently evacuated from the ship!

With experience your crew will increase skill level in shipboard tasks. Highly skilled crew can be promoted to Officers! They assist with running a large spaceship and increase the output of other crew.

New missions will increase in difficulty and reward as you gain reputation with Space Agencies. Soon you will receive missions to further and further planets. Your crew can gather Xmatter to power your Warp Drive. Once engaged your ship will travel in real time over realistic astronomical distances.